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    January 22, 2016 at 11:40 pm #11311

    How do I implement a custom page/bookmark title that isn’t related to the site identity fields (title & tagline)?

    I do not have a tagline entered and the title is used only as the “logo” name which looks like I want it to on the site nav but not as a page/bookmark title.

    I want to both enter a custom title for the first part:

    “First Last – UX/BPM Portfolio”

    …but still have the site append the actual page title on the end of it with a pipe character in between only if on a page of the site, not for the home page:

    ” | Page Title”

    …so that it looks like this overall:

    “First Last – UX/BPM Portfolio | Page Title”

    I’m ok with making a custom edit to a .js file or something but just need to know where and how.

    Thanks in advance!

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