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    August 29, 2013 at 12:55 am #480

    Hi guys, I have two little problems:

    First one, I have some trouble with google fonts. I use OpenSans but I need also Latin Extend pack for this font so it means I need to adjust the code, google provides this piece of code:

    google: { families: [ ‘Open+Sans::latin,latin-ext’ ] } (but I suppose you have your own magic script somewhere to get all fonts)

    Second problem is about background image (I use boxed version). The image (2048×1152 px) works just fine in browser and also with mobiles, but on my 7′ tablet computer (android) it scales down this image and makes some kind of repeated pattern of it (if you don’t understand, I can send a screenshot).

    Thanks, and I hope it doesn’t mind I use one topic for two problems.

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