How to use portfolio shortcodes with Minicorp??

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    June 4, 2015 at 1:33 am #8580

    I am stuck. I am trying to build a Style 1 Portfolio page (masonry style). I cannot figure it out.

    I have embedded this short code for Portfolio Style 1 into a “new portfolio item” page

    [portfolio category=”” order=”DESC” navigation=”yes” pagination=”yes” view_all=”no”]

    Problem # 1
    > I am only able to set only 1 featured image. How do I have multiple images in this portfolio ? The box above “featured image” that allows you to select multiple images does not display the images on the page after selecting them.

    Problem # 2
    > The one featured image that does show up is entitled the same as the portfolio item title which is not how the Style 1 Portfolio sample page is.

    Problem # 3
    > the categories appear however when pressed it navigates me to a “cateogry page” when it should only be a filter. :/

    What am I doing wrong? :(

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