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    April 18, 2015 at 8:17 pm #7759

    Hi guys,

    Thanks for amazing theme! I’m trying to use Minicorp with Types/Views Toolset. And everything is going smooth apart from button. I use them to show if CD is sold out (non-clickable) or as link to our webshop (clickable).

    When I’m using code for sold out CD, everything is ok:

    [button size="medium" new_window="yes"]SOLD OUT[/button]

    When I’m trying to insert URL (taken from Types plugin), there is problem. For this code:

    [button url="[types field="cd_link"][/types]" size="medium" color="color4" new_window="yes"]BUY CD[/button]

    I’m getting at front-end non-clickable button with text:

    [/types]” size=”medium” color=”color4″ new_window=”yes”]BUY CD

    My PHP knowledge is minimal, but I’m pressuming is something with quotation marks or brackets. Any workaround/suggestions most welcomed. Using Types/Views is obligatory for me on this project, and I’ll be very grateful for help, because I don’t want to trying another theme – Minicorp is best :)

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