Where can I find a list of ISH-ICON shortcodes?

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    September 12, 2021 at 7:53 pm #17791


    Where can I find a list of ISH-ICON shortcodes? The demo content provides these examples:

    [ish_icon icon=”ish-icon-twitter” icon_url=”//twitter.com/ishyoboydotcom” text_color=”color2″ active_text_color=”color17″ type=”simple” global_atts=”yes” tooltip=”Twitter” tooltip_color=”color17″ tooltip_text_color=”color4″]

    [ish_icon icon=”ish-icon-facebook” icon_url=”//www.facebook.com/ishyoboydotcom” text_color=”color2″ active_text_color=”color13″ type=”simple” global_atts=”yes” tooltip=”Facebook” tooltip_color=”color13″ tooltip_text_color=”color4″]

    [ish_icon icon=”ish-icon-dribbble” icon_url=”//dribbble.com/MattImling” text_color=”color2″ active_text_color=”color14″ type=”simple” global_atts=”yes” tooltip=”Dribbble” tooltip_color=”color14″ tooltip_text_color=”color4″]

    [ish_icon icon=”ish-icon-behance” icon_url=”//www.behance.net/MattImling” text_color=”color2″ active_text_color=”color15″ type=”simple” global_atts=”yes” tooltip=”Behance” tooltip_color=”color15″ tooltip_text_color=”color4″]

    [ish_icon icon=”ish-icon-email” icon_url=”//eepurl.com/C-X7v” text_color=”color2″ active_text_color=”color5″ type=”simple” global_atts=”yes” tooltip=”Subscribe to our newsletter” tooltip_color=”color5″ tooltip_text_color=”color4″]

    And fair enough I might be able to guess the top 5 shortcodes, but is there a complete list somewhere of available shortcodes and options?

    I have read the docs and searched the forums and haven’t really found a clear reference. The docs point to two flat icon sites which are okay, but a list of these icons would really behelpful.


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